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BeActive - Free

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BeActive - Free App Description:
Where does BeActive born

BeActive borns from the passion for the welfare and quality of life; borns from the desire to be in harmony with your body. The society these days does not give rest and often leads people to overlook what is most important: the health and quality of life. Only a small minority of people are able to devote time to their hobby, to their passions or their affections.
One of the basic principles on BeActive is based is precisely the following: "the quality of life is not tied to profit." Everyone, from first to last, can have a quality life; the important is to focus on the right things and mesure out energies properly, without forgetting that the difficulties and sacrifices are part of a quality life.

What does mean quality of life

The quality of life isn't absolutely tied to the career success of each of us get, how much money can puts aside, how many material goods has or how much he can has fun. This doesn't mean that these factors are not important; each will sets its own priorities.The secret to a quality life lies in being able to capture the beauty of life, and the beauty can only belong to life itself and is therefore inevitable that each of us with the right powers of observation will be able to seize it.

What does BeActive focus on

BeActive focuses on the physical well-being, or even better, in educating people to "be good." BeActive is not an application that can transform the physical, as no one indeed, but try to focus on being able to give a hand to those who can't find the time to devote to the care of his body, to those who have no time for going to the gym or playing sports or those who can't afford it for any reason or difficulty.
BeActive proposes a series of exercises and programs that could be done in the car, in the office during a break, at home just returned from work, before or after workouts; in short, a bit everywhere. All of the exercises and programs take place entirely from sitting and they could be drawn some important benefits, such as an improvement of the venous return.
Remember however, that nothing can ever replace a complete workout of any sport or gym. BeActive can only helps you to keep active but especially to change their mentality.

Benefits of BeActive's programs

• Improvements of venous return
• prevention of injuries sprains, tearing or cramps
• increased metabolism

Muscle contraction as a benefit to promotes venous return, which helps the blood of the veins to back to the heart.A systematic muscle contraction helps your muscles to stay active, preventing cramps, contractures, sprains and tears or others injuries.The muscle contraction can also helps you to lose weight. Remember that exercise in general, of any type it may be, contributes to an increased metabolism which then corresponds an higher consumption of calories, resulting in weight loss.

Who can use BeActive

Everyone! From children, who manage sure to have fun, until the old men and women with difficulty and some ailment. BeActive is usable by everyone and everyone can have fun using it and carrying out programs that provides.

Advice on how and when to use BeActive

BeActive is an application that can be used in many contexts: in the office, in the car, at home, on the train, on the plane; wherever you are you can use BeActive just for the fact that you do not need nothing else that a good concentration. Remember that when you are using BeActive, do it with maximum concentration. The exercises are based on simple muscle contractions (single or maintained) but they can not be taken lightly. As in everything, even in BeActive's programs you must give the maximum to get the best results and benefits. it is recommended to carry out BeActive's programs least 3 times a day: when you wake up, in the afternoon / evening and before bedtime. It is not important if it was made or no physical activity during the day; the BeActive's programs can also be carried out even after workout.

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BeActive - Free
Require Android 4.2 and up
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