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Body Place

exercise, abs, weight lifting, biceps
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Body Place App Description:
Are you the king of abs exercises and physical form? The body building queen? Have zero bodyfat? Love to practice weightlifting and working out biceps? Challenge friends and contenders with Body Place, the fitness competition app! Compete with the best rivals in the main physical categories and win real prizes - like supplement discount- in an easy, fast and free way.

- Strive against various body place categories, run for the 1st place in the app’s ranking and be rewarded;
- Have fun defying your friends and see who’s the best of all;
- Discover your popularity and take the chance to improve your performance;
- Follow the evolution of several users as they the quest for a better physical shape.

Inspire, boost and encourage the remaining users or even your academy community or bodybuilding group. Motivate or be motivated - Whatever your choice is, Body Place steps up your goal, just like a personal trainer guide. Raise your overcoming to the next level!
The app contains three main resources:
Competition: In every category, two photos will be displayed for user voting purposes, forming a competition. Select the desired category, use our real-time polling system on user pictures and help classifying them.
Ranking: See the category winners position, as well as the top rated and most voted users.
Find all the activity updates from various profiles- yours, your friends and other users
and send your photos to compete with others in the desired categories. Did you have a Hulk-worthy training academy workout? Has your biceps muscle improved? Got completely Shredded? Just took advantage of an academy assistant and was working out triceps? So use this feature to display the results!

- Body Place Badges: the bigger the likes, followers, followed users and victories, the greater the badges on your profile. Catch’em all!
- Hashtag categories: Choose between #body, #abdomen, #legs, #arms, #buttocks, #back and #chest.
- Feed: Browse through the Body Place social network- spot photos, like, follow and comment on other profiles, receive notifications, see how many badges you own or edit your profile. You can also find, invite or receive friends suggestions.
- Victories: an awesome feature so that challengers win from some others photo in the competition resource.
- Rewards: Be in 1st place and win amazing prizes, including academy discount!
- Ranking: Filter the best users and the winner by country, sex or body part, besides likes and victories.
The choice is yours!! Be part of Body Place today!

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Body Place
Require Android 4.0.3 and up
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