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CycliqPlus (BETA)

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CycliqPlus (BETA) App Description:
The official CycliqPlus (BETA) app for Fly12 - bike camera & 400 lumen light. Enjoy your bike rides and capture all the action with the FULL HD camera. Use Fly12's integrated bike light to illuminate your path in the dark or for extra visibility during the day.
Use the CycliqPlus app to change the settings of your Fly12 and share your favorite bits of footage. Don't forget to share your best videos with us on to win great prices and discounts.
We realise there are some things that still need to be refined. We are aware of them, and we are working on them. Namely:
1. Strava overlays are only available in metric units - adding imperial units is our next highest priority and we hope to resolve this in our next build
2. CycliqPlus supports Android 4.3 or greater
3. On some Android models, the bike alarm won’t sound. Instead, a message bubble will appear on the notification bar.
4. Better user interface messaging
5. The most important thing to remember about CyclicPlus BETA is exactly that, it is a BETA app. This means that this is not the final version and we are working on known issues and will be addressing bugs as they are logged into our support system. Please let us know your CycliqPlus version, Android device model and Android version number when you contact us at
You can read more about it on our blog post here:
Connect to your Fly12 through Bluetooth and/or WiFi to access the following features:
- video resolution settings
- video frame rate settings
- pick your light sequence
- set your Bluetooth bike alarm
- review your footage
- add tramlines to your footage
- add your Strava metrics to your footage
- share your footage via social media
- save your footage
Connect CycliqPlus to your Fly12
In order to connect your Fly12 the first time, please follow the instructions in the app. Open CycliqPlus, turn on Fly12 and wait for your device to be discovered. Once an initial connection has been established, your Fly12 will connect to the app automatically.
Strava integration
Connect CycliqPlus to Strava in order to overlay Strava metrics onto your video. Once you have authorized access through the app, simply add Strava metrics from the editing screen. Don't forget that Fly12 comes with 3 months of FREE Strava premium membership. Check the quick start guide in your box to activate. This BETA version only has access to metric measurements for your Strava overlays. Including imperial unit measurements is our highest priority for the next build (version) of this app.
Add tramlines to your footage
Various jurisdictions have passing distance laws where road users must give cyclists a certain amount of distance when overtaking. Add tramlines to your footage to see whether the passing distance has been breached. Don't forget to setup your tramlines correctly to match your bike's height and handlebar width. See for more information.
Use your Fly12 as bike alarm
Arm your Fly12 through CycliqPlus and get notified when your Fly12/bike is being moved through the BlueTooth connection. When the alarm is triggered, Fly12 will start recording, the light will start flashing and the alarm sound will go off. You will also be notified on your smartphone that movement has been detected.
Looping video and incident protection
Fly12 records in looping video. This means you don't have to worry about running out of space on your SD card. Additionally, if an unfortunate incident does happen and you bike falls over, your unit will automatically turn off to prevent the important footage from getting looped over.
10 hour battery life
Fly12 has up to 10 hours of battery life in camera only mode. Fly12 has an aerodynamic shape and can be mounted above or below the handlebar and will automatically adjust the footage to the correct orientation. Additionally, the light integration saves on handlebar clutter.

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CycliqPlus (BETA)
Require Android 4.3 and up
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