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Exercizer App Description:
Exercizer is a workout logging app, it provides you with an easy to use diary like interface where you can track your progress after every workout! Exercizer has multiple features from finding local gyms in your area, logging your workouts and directing users to easy workouts for common muscle groups.

The logging part: Here you can track all of your exercises by filling in an easy to user interface which provides you with a place to track dates, titles and a description of the workout you just completed.

The Maps: Ever found yourself in a city with no clue where any of the local gyms are? Use our app and with the press of one button you'll be shown all of the closest gyms to your location, this feature allows the user to see local gyms as well as instantly take them to google maps directions in order to get on their way!

The Exercises: Exercizer has another great feature which will show you the most commonly exercised muscle groups and provide you with links to multiple different exercises for each muscle group. This is great for beginners and those who are looking to widen their workout regime.

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Require Android 4.4 and up
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