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EXERT - Fitness

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EXERT - Fitness App Description:
EXERT is a fun, team-vs-team fitness game, played through your phone. Fitness can be lonely and hard to do. We solve that problem by putting you on a 5 person team and allowing you to face-off against other teams in a battle for points. We don't tell you what fitness program to follow, we help motivate you to actually stick with it.

Step 1: Join Your Team of 5 & Encourage Each Other Throughout The Battle
Never feel alone in your fitness journey. We’ll put you on a team of 5 people that will encourage, motivate and help you reach your goals, no matter if you are just starting out or are a fitness nut.

Step 2: Earn Points By Performing Unique Challenges Throughout The Day
Perform your normal workout, 60 second fitness challenges and encourage your team of 5. You’ll earn points that will help your team battle against other real teams within the game.

Step 3: Earn More Points Than The Other Team & Win!
Your team will face-off against another team in a 7 day battle. The team that earns the most points each day wins that day. The team that wins the most days out of 7, wins the battle. Continue to battle against other teams and climb the rankings on our app-wide leaderboard.

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EXERT - Fitness
Require Android 4.1 and up
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