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FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers

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FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Description:
FitMe is a completely free app which helps to track your whole body parameters. Whether that is your weight, hydration, workout or even sleep. This app can monitor all of that for you. So stay healthy and get more fit by keeping in check with all of your body’s data. it will be the personal trainer and personal doctor. All in one fitness app having Health trackers, pedometers, wide variety of workouts, health calculators etc and more. The design of the app is really clean, with icons that are drawn cleanly, making it very user friendly. This app can definitely help you reach your target. Based on your individual diet profile, this app will set personalized goals to help set up stepping stones! This free app will automatically get updated of your workout histories. All of the workouts are represented graphically, so that you can easily follow it. Through this app you will be able to track your daily status and can review it anytime you want. For those who are not yet contented with their present body figure then this is the right time to start working on achieving your desired body. You will be able to control your daily health activities to easily achieve your goal. Easy to use so make this app your fitness partner and posses your desired body figure. Different trackers like water tracker, sleep tracker and weight trackers. Sleep tracker helps you to achieve a good and happy sleep throughout a day. You can set the time you need to sleep and can view the complete history of your sleeping. Weight tracker is must needed to track your body weight. Over weight and obesity is a great problem faced by now a days. You can choose a perfect workout to maintain a good weight. Each workout is represented graphically. Comparison of each day's workout and exercises is now more easy through this. Healthy body will always give a healthy mind.
Track your steps, jogging, workout duration, calorie burned and the total distance you have traveled. Track all of your health needs through this app.
Fitness enthusiasts and health conscious people can use this app easily! Start by inputting your initial weight, vital statistics, and your desired weight. Watch as the app shows your body's current state displaying your calculated Body Mass Index (BMI), weight class and more. Detailed animated demonstration of daily workouts with timers. Health calculators like BMI calculator, calorie and Fat calculator. Take the full advantage of this health calculator to strengthen your weight loss plans.This free app record your data, so that it can also be used as a fitness dairy too. Becoming healthier, achieving a fitter body is definitely a worthy goal. And now its easy for you !! It would be your guide as you journey on for a healthy body! You can now instantly get a perfect and intelligible definition of your overall progress! With this app in your pocket, you can hit the gym and keep track of your body figure in a paperless and hassle-free way!
You can easily find how much distance you have been traveled long, most calorie burned, most number of glasses drunk, Fat burning, Sleep duration etc in a simple way. This app can be simply used by everyone. People who want to achieve their dream weight will be presented with great assistance!
All in one app which will be your perfect companion. Explore wide variety of workouts.
Stay healthy and live a healthy life !!

FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Fitness app screenshot for Android
FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Fitness app screenshot for Android
FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Fitness app screenshot for Android
FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Fitness app screenshot for Android
FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Fitness app screenshot for Android
FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Fitness app screenshot for Android
FitMe : Workouts & Pedometers Require:
Require Android 4.1 and up
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