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Fitness Recipes by MyFitFEED

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Fitness Recipes by MyFitFEED App Description:
Get easy access to all your favourite fitness recipes to reach your goals with a healthy lifestyle and our broad selection of clean high protein recipes.

Download this virtual fitness cookbook:
→ A collection of 90 fitness recipes which will be updated on a continuous basis
→ Useful features like a shopping list, favourites and filters (vegan, high carb and low carb recipes)
→ Recipes that you can use for meal prep for bodybuilding
→ Innovative protein recipes from time-saving fitness snacks, protein shakes ,tasty porridge recipes, to clever meals you can use every day
→ Live a healthier lifestyle by reimagining your fitness nutrition

MyFitFEED inspires you to bring more variety into your fitness kitchen

Many people think that your diet has to be blunt when you are gaining muscle mass, when you want to lose weight or stay fit. But we want to show you how rich and diverse your diet can be without giving up to eat food that actually tastes great.
Our philosophy is all about giving you the easiest access possible to the best clean eating fitness recipes that you can get inspired and unleash your creativity in your kitchen.

Always be equipped with the right healthy clean eating protein recipes
The app gives you access to 5 categories of dishes. Fitness main dishes, as well as recipes for breakfast, Power-Snacks for in between, appetizing porridge recipes and a wide range of protein shakes. The diversity mixed with the easy access the app provides makes MyFitFEED your perfect daily companion for bulking, dieting or staying vital.

Useful functions to help you to keep on track

You are writing down some recipes you are finding here and there, you are scheduling your shopping and you might also have a meal plan. But the hardest part is to stick to your diet. Often times we do not have the willpower to do these simple steps. We believe that these issues will vanish when you have access to the right tools and information at the right time. Go shopping without worrying about making a list, or to plan anything in advanced. As a FitFEEDER you can simply pull out your phone, decide which meal to go for and get a list of all the required ingredients. This will make your life so much easier.

Meal Prep - Preparation is everything

As with everything else in life the one who is prepared the best usually wins the race. This is why we added many high protein recipes which are suitable for meal prep for bodybuilding. Get insight into creative cottage cheese recipes, recipes for exceptional protein shakes and so much more.. Never again will you have problems to reach your macros.

Obtain a healthy lifestyle

FEEDING your body with the correct nutrients is a must so that you can grow and achieve a state of mind and body to truly reach your full potential. And it all starts with the right information. That is why our fitness recipes not only help you cover your macros but show you a wide variety of creative ideas that will encourage you to experiment more. Just remember nutrition determines 80% of your success and therefore should play a major role in your life. Do not FEED your body with the same things every day and embrace the diversity of combinations unprocessed food has to offer by stepping into your MyFitFEED journey to live a healthier lifestyle.

MyFitFEED - your place for easy high protein recipes

We want to show you that it is possible to create the body you desire, being in a healthy and fit state by eating food which tastes great, is suitable for meal prep, is actually good for you and fuels your body to reach your goals, no matter if you are bulking, want to lose weight or want to have more energy in your everyday life.

Need Support?
If you face any issues within the app, if you have a suggestion how the app could make your journey easier, contact us via:

Download MyFitFEED now and get access to your favourite fitness recipes.

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Fitness Recipes by MyFitFEED
Require Android 4.0.3 and up
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