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Full Control Bodyweight

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Full Control Bodyweight App Description:
Full Control Bodyweight is the most effective fitness workout program for you! No equipment, no gym, no fixed dates or appointed times. The only thing you do need is your own body weight and a strong will!

Increase the size of your muscles, burn fat, enhance your endurance. No matter what your goals might be, Full Control Bodyweight will provide you with everything you need to achieve them.

Highlights from the Full Control Bodyweight App:

*Over 150 different bodyweight exercises from easy “Level 1” to very difficult “Level 4”.

*All exercises are presented and described in detailed tutorial videos. So you can perform every exercise clean by yourself!

*Within the exercises, we integrated elements from different martial arts disciplines to further enhance the effectiveness of the workouts.

*You do not need any equipment! Just with your own body weight and our exercises, you can achieve better results than in a gym!

*Bodyweight exercises based on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Within HIIT, short high-intensity active phases alternate with short recovery phases. In contrast to workouts in the gym, several muscles are trained at the same time. Thus, in a much shorter time your entire body is trained more effectively. You will burn body fat quickly and your endurance will be improved.
*Over 120 workout variation that train either your entire body or special body parts such as upper body, abs, legs or glutes

* Beginner or bodyweight professional. There is a workout for everyone.

* The workouts are named after legendary boxer names. Your workout opponents are LENNOX, SUGAR RAY, FLOYD and many more! Get into the ring with your workout opponents and defeat them!

* Suitable for any fitness level! Each workout opponent has 4 difficulty levels. Choose your level!

* Curated lists: With our specially curated workout lists, you'll find your suitable workout even faster and easier. These lists include:
- SIXPACK FACTORY: Best workouts for your abs!
- FAT KILLER: Metabolic Boost!
- TIME FOR BURPEES: Full body from 0 to 100!
- COMBAT TRAINING: Athletics and Martial Arts!
- QUICK & DIRTY: The HIIT is on!
- GLUTES, LEGS & GLORY: Don’t skip leg days!
Depending on what you are, we have the right workout for you!

The full control workouts and exercises are used in professional soccer clubs as well as by many other athletes!

Full Control Bodyweight is different than other fitness apps. We combine HIIT, bodyweight and martial arts elements on a whole new level.

Now it's your turn! Download the app and start your first workout!

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Full Control Bodyweight
Require Android 4.1 and up
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