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Get Sweaty

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Get Sweaty App Description:
HEY YOU! Yes, you. Don't look around like you don't see me. You know you want to look.
This will give you 20-40 minute workouts that will make you sweaty and tired. They will be different every time you do it. It is not a super slick, sexy looking app where you can watch pretty people prance around on screen while you update your status to "Look at me, I'm working out, #SoMacho"

99 cents. One time. So cheap. Much bargain.


I am not a former special forces commando.
I am not a nationally known fitness instructor or model.
I am not a exercise physiologist specialist doctor genius.
I am not a computer programmer.

What I am is a 49 year old K-9 handler that got bored with doing the same old workout routines. So I can't kill you with one hand, do 300 pushups, define each muscle group or make things look super pretty on screen. That being said, I do have to chase behind a 95 pound dog for 20 minutes to an hour, hopping fences, crawling through brush, wading streams and running down pavement. And then deal with some bad guy (or girl) that probably doesn't want to play with the dog the way the dog wants to play with them. So I do need to be able to tie my shoes without passing out from exhaustion.
I don't like working out and getting nasty sweaty with other people in some perky spin class. Working a normal job (well, semi-normal job), I don't have tons of time to set aside to workout and still get other normal life stuff done. A few years ago I came up with an idea of putting exercises on cards. I found certain types of workout routines that I enjoyed and adapted them, using dice to come up with different workouts and exercises each time. I ended up with a few decks of exercise cards and workouts stuck up with thumbtacks on my garage wall. A few months ago I decided that it would be kinda cool to try and have a computer do the dice rolling for me. Fast forward to now, and here is this app.
This app is designed to give you a wide variety of exercises and a number of different preset workout routines. These workouts will take anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes depending on your mood and the die roll. I don't like doing the same thing each time, and this guarantees it won't be.
The bulk of these exercises are body weight exercises that you can do as long as you have a body. I also use a jump rope a lot. If you don't have one, then you really should get one. They're like 5 bucks. Or you can fake it and just twirl your arms with small weights and hop (don't laugh, I did that before I got one.) There are also exercises that utilize dumbbells, medicine balls and some sort of resistance equipment (picture resistance bands or a basic home gym type thing). These are optional, but you will get out of this what you choose to put in it. Don't sell yourself short.

Because I have to deal with lawyers on a regular basis:
This app is designed to help someone out with getting exercise, which involves movement, muscle fatigue and increased heart rate, among other things. If you choose to follow the ideas in this app and break an ankle, have a heart attack, swoon, see visions, get hungry, maintain an erection for more than 4 hours, get hairy palms, get enlarged breasts, dizzyness, faintness of breath, bloody stool, splinters, hurt feelings or any other mental or physical injury, real or imagined, that is on you. Take some responsibility for your actions and show some pride. So in other words, use this at your own risk. For external use only. If it gets in your eyes or mucous membranes, rinse with copious amounts of water.

PS- I am new to this programming thing. I will keep trying to update this. If you have comments, critiques or ideas, please let me know. I will do what I can.

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Get Sweaty
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