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GymJoy - Workout Log & Tracker

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GymJoy - Workout Log & Tracker App Description:
GymJoy is a beautiful gym training app with built-in gym workouts for men, gym workouts for women, workout progress tracker and workout timer. This gym app is your workout routine maker - now you need no paper workout log sheet, no pencil to put down workout exercises, no gym timer. No forgotten workout exercise list, no lost workout progress anymore. Gym log GymJoy will do all the above-mentioned things for you, and all you’ve got to do is to build the better version of your body.
Killer features of our gym tracker GymJoy:
1) There are several built-in workout routines in the fitness workout app. You will find both workouts for men and workouts for women in the gym trainer. Each workout plan includes the whole body fitness exercise with free weights as well as gym machine workout routine. What bodybuilding workout routines will you find in the workout log app?
Workout plans for men:
- Men’s 3 Day Split for Muscle Gain. It’s a basic workout program to gain weight. Train three times a week: day 1 - shoulders and legs; day 2 - back and bicep workout routine; day 3 - chest and triceps.
- Men’s 4 Day Split for Muscle Gain. This is one more type of basic workout programme which contains workouts for gaining weight and fat burning workouts for men. This workout plan for week differs from the 3-day split by putting legs exercises into a separate training day.
- Super Mass 5 Day Split Program. The workout programs for men for a more detailed and qualitative work of all the muscles. Thanks to this gym bodybuilding workout routine your muscles will grow much faster.
Workout plan for women:
- 1 Day Beginner Workout for Women. It is a workout for beginners which consists of basic exercise for girls for perfect shape figure. This fitness workout is appropriate for those females who just begin to do beach body workouts. These fitness exercises for female should be performed during the first 6 months.
- 2 Day Beginner Split for Women. This is a perfect body shape gym workout split into 2 days. In day 1 train the upper part of the body, in day 2 - the leg workouts for women. The plan also contains exercise free apps to lose weight.
- 3 Day Split Fat Burning Workouts for Women. In this fitness exercise app for women you will find a workout for weight loss. As a rule, such exercise apps for weight loss for girls contain a workout routine builder, a workout reminder, and fitness and bodybuilding exercises to reduce fat and increase muscles.
- Round Butt Workout. This is our favourite workout trainer in this exercises app as there are the best glute workouts for women. Training with the workout log book you’re sure to get a beautiful round butt and slim legs. Enjoy your result in 8 weeks with our workout tracker!
2) If you find no appropriate workout program or you’ve got your own one, our easy gym log and workout journal allows to create as many own plans as you need.
3) There is a resting timer in our workout planner. It measures the exact time of rest between the sets and notifies about the start of the next set of your gym logger.
4) Our gym diary allows a quick access to your progress right on exercise screen in order to track the results of three previous workouts app free.
5) In our gym journal you can edit the weight and repetition amounts with a single tap during exercise performance.
6) Our gym coach is also an exercise tracker which provides full statistics on every exercise. The progress graphics of our perfect bodybuilding app are beautiful and illustrative.
7) You can download our all our gym workout apps for free, this workout recorder as well.
Such health and fitness apps like GymJoy let you focus on being fit, strong, beautiful not wasting time on memorizing. Our gym trainer for men and women allows to go to the gym with a precise plan of what to do without getting confused. It’s especially important for the beginners.
Exercise tracker free apps help save the budget without compromising quality.

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GymJoy - Workout Log & Tracker
Require Android 4.0 and up
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