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Map2kCal App Description:
Have you ever wondered why exercising on some days is more exhausting than the other days? The difficulty depends not only on your internal state but also on other changing parameters like weather conditions. Let's take a look at cycling. After some point of speed the highest factor in the energy depletion is an air drag. Is it windy today? Maybe plan the route accounting for that!

Map2kCal features:
1. Route designation between two points (100 km range)
2. Energy depletion (kCal):
- caused by: air drag, surface resistance, slope, acceleration / braking
- per time or distance
- pure fat burned
- based on weather conditions (pressure, humidity, etc.), surface types, route elevations and physical factors
3. Customizable settings:
- physical factors: gender, weight, height, age, speed:
- activities: fast cycling (road bike), normal cycling (city bike), running, walking (e.g. nordic walking)
3. BMI and MET calculations
- daily energy needed while resting
- activity intensity
4. Additional information:
- headwind / crosswind / absolute crosswind
- route elevations / slope
- route surface types
- current weather conditions
5. Map location search by address

The app does not collect or share any personal information.

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Require Android 3.0 and up
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