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Mental Workout

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Mental Workout App Description:
Mental Workout® is the most powerful app for improving your performance and well-being ever designed for a mobile device. Inside the app, you will find a growing range of programs, including Mindfulness Meditation™, Good Night™, Freedom from Stress™, and Up in Smoke™ - all of which are designed by leading experts.

Each program comes in a FREE version with limited features and content, and a full version ($12.99/year) with all available features and content. Updates are free.

+ Mindfulness Meditation by Stephan Bodian: Instruction and inspiration to enable you to enjoy the many benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness Meditation includes detailed instructions, guided meditations of various length, deep relaxation exercises, short and long body scans for sensory awareness, lovingkindness meditation for cultivating compassion for self and others, exercises for integrating, mindfulness into everyday life, inspirational talks, and much more.

+ Good Night by Dr. Michael Breus: Improve your sleep quantity and quality with cognitive behavioral change and sleep hygiene. Good Night includes 7 different relaxation exercises, a pre-bedtime routine, information about caffeine and alcohol’s effect on your sleep, information on food and vitamins for better sleep, guide for bedroom makeover, traveling techniques, myth busters, and much more.

+ Freedom from Stress by Stephan Bodian: A multi-strategy approach for minimizing your stress and living a happier, more fulfilling life. Freedom from Stress includes 5 strategies, guided meditations, relaxation exercises, stress reduction techniques, trigger tools, and much more.

+ Up in Smoke by Dr. Daniel Seidman: A practical approach to quitting smoking, breaking both the physical and emotional ties to your smoking addiction. Up in Smoke includes a self-assessment, tools to build your confidence to quit, myth busters, a journal to identify your mood and behavioral triggers, a guide to nicotine replacement therapy, and tools to deal with cravings and adjustments to a smoke-free life.

You can access your programs seamlessly on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.

You’ll see how our programs are different right away. Every time you enter a Mental Workout program, you can choose how you would like to engage - whether you need instant tips, want to follow a plan, or prefer to browse techniques and exercises to use as needed. And we ask you questions based on research and best practices to make sure you get the advice and tools that are right for you. The powerful technology we’ve built makes it easy to feel like you have a personal connection to our experts.

In the world of psychology, so much has been learned about how to improve people's performance and well-being. But many of us have not taken advantage of these powerful techniques so far. Join the thousands people who have changed their lives by using Mental Workout that put the power of psychology at your fingertips.

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Mental Workout
Require Android 4.0 and up
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