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Orendis Sport Tracker

tracker, cycling, swimming, running, biking
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Orendis Sport Tracker App Description:
Turn your Android smartphone into useful fitness tracker with Orendis Sport Tracker app.

Orendis is a great bicycle computer which measures speed, distance and travel time. Finished another great ride? Check all important stats at one place: average and maximum speed, elevation, ascending, descending and even terrain travel time, overall distance and more. Analyze your speed and elevation graphs along the route.

The program will find use among hikers and will become an assistant for those who make regular walks in the forest. If you do not have an Internet connection and Google maps are not available you can use a magnetic or electronic compass to determine your location (depending on your phone model). Real-time coordinate finding function will use the given latitude and longitude for compare with other maps.

Orendis Sport Tracker can be us as a GPS data collection module (so-called GPS data logger). The mobile application monitors your activity and records the track in the device's memory so that you can later export the track to gpx or kml formats and view it on the computer or share with friends.

The program will be useful for a wide audience: novice cyclists, skiers, tourists, as well as those who appreciate running and prefer walking to transport - in general, to all who do not imagine their lives without activities and hikes.

Regular sports activities have a beneficial effect on your health. Improve your physical abilities with the Orendis Sport Tracker.

Note: Orendis find location with a GPS satellite system. The accuracy of determining the geographical coordinates depends to a large extent on a variety of factors, including the uncertainty of the spatial position of the satellites and the peculiarities of the atmosphere in your place.

The application is in the active development state, so there may be contains errors or inaccurate work of some of its components, so I will be glad if you are report me about found problems and suggestions for improvement. And remember: movement is life!

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Orendis Sport Tracker
Require Android 4.0.3 and up
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