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Ped PT Strength Ex - Knee Ext

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Ped PT Strength Ex - Knee Ext App Description:
My 25+ years of experience in pediatric physical therapy practice is yours! This app features animated photos and “how to” tips to strengthen children’s abdominals. With 67 knee extension exercises, this app is a lifesaver for PTs, physical therapy assistants, instructors, caregivers and parents. This Knee Extension application is simply the third muscle group that we targeted, with a total of 19 muscle groups planned. New physical therapists will love ideas to assist in treatment session preparation, planning, and programming. More experienced physical therapists will have at their fingertips a wide range of ideas for treatment of knee extensions to add more variety in their treatment sessions. These are all exercises I know well, but even I get stuck in a rut performing the same exercises over and over. I will use this app as well to remind me of exercise options.
• 67 knee extension exercises with a wide range of difficulties
• Commentary by a Pediatric Physical Therapist with over 25 years experience
• Animated photos demonstrating the exercises performed with a child
• The ability to star favorites to return to in the future
• Capacity for setting Exercise Recommendations for use in a home program or for use with physical therapy assistants
• Perfect for training physical therapy students or clinicians new to Pediatrics
Educators will finally have a tool with detailed pictures and commentary to give their students a foundation for pediatric treatment. In the past so much has been available for evaluation, but frustratingly little for treatment! Physical therapists in third world countries can now have available exercise recommendations without the expense of distant training courses. I believe this app will change the quality of physical therapy across the world.
This application was developed by a pediatric physical therapist. Nothing can replace the skills of a pediatric physical therapist who can train caregivers and parents to perform these exercises safely and appropriately with a child with his or her own individual strengths, weaknesses and motivation. This application was meant to assist therapists, not negate the need for them.
In order to facilitate easy home programming, favorite exercises can be starred with treatment programming specified. This feature will enable the clinician to add frequency, repetitions, number of sets, duration, weight resistance and notes to home programs with parents who have downloaded the app. I provide commentary with each exercise explaining, for example, tips on how to make the exercise more successful, how to make the exercise easier or more challenging, and the type of client with whom I often use the specified exercise. Why wait for 25 years of clinical experience, when you can have my suggestions now?
Find out more about our app at Join our community on Facebook at or Twitter @amysturkey. Or join us on Instagram at PediatricPTExercises. Have glowing praise, recommendations for changes, or general feedback, contact us at for Amy, the PT and the dreamer, and/or for Guy, the steadfast coder and the love of my life.

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Ped PT Strength Ex - Knee Ext
Require Android 2.3.3 and up
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