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Perfect Belly,Legs and Butts

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Perfect Belly,Legs and Butts App Description:
Do you want to have the sexy butt and legs, flat belly? You were waiting and finally you get it! Your personal coach to form the perfect legs, buttocks and thighs now available on your phone and tablet.
"Women Fitness: Bikini Body"- Train your legs, your stomach and your bottom!
After this trainings you will lookgorgeous like never before;)
Your problematic areas are belly, buttocks and legs? These exercises are specially selected for women / female bodies and will help you to get a perfect bikini body.
When you train your legs, you improve the quantity of muscle fiber , which burns calories naturally without exercise. Besides, the more muscles you have, the more energy is needed to maintain them, so your body has to burn more calories. Leg muscles, especially the thigh muscles, are very big muscle groups. When you train such big muscles, you cause metabolic changes - you burn many more calories because you are using big muscles.

Women don't develop muscles as easily as men do because they don't have enough testosterone to do so. That is why there is no need to worry about leg size getting bigger - it really pays to train your legs.

* Train your „problematic areas“ belly, legs, buttocks, back and upper arms.
* More than 20 different exercises, that are specially selected for female bodies.
* Step by step explanations with high resolution images.
* You can choose between 15 different levels of difficulty
* The training duration for your perfect bikini body is only between 6 and 8 minutes!
* You have NOT to be a superhuman for this workout.
* No static training plan. You can choose by yourself how often you want to do these workouts.
* The exercises are suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced.
* You don't need any fitness equipment, you train with your own weight. => Start your workout whenever and wherever you want.
* Get a six-pack for the beach by doing this workout routinely!
* Optimized for smartphones and tablets

Especially for women, we have compiled a list of exercises for the legs, thighs, and bottoms.
* Crunch (and more abdominal exercises to get a six-pack!)
* Forearm Side Plank
* Modified Push-Up
* Mountain Climber
and much more exercises to get a great bikini-body for your holidays on the beach!
★ These exercises help you to burn fat and look as gorgeous as never before . ★

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Perfect Belly,Legs and Butts
Require Android 5.0 and up
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