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Training Toolkit

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Training Toolkit App Description:
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We know what we're doing in the gym right? We have our routines, programs, whatever, already down and we just want to track it.

Here is a very simple and clean solution to doing so! No flash, no crap. The app is pre-populated with a large list of exercises to choose from to create workout logs, which track the 6 main points athletes care about (reps/sets/weight/percent of 1RM/rounds/time limit), and all lists can have their items edited/deleted with a simple long click! Only use 10 exercises? You can delete the rest. Exercises get saved once your workout log does or you can edit them individually, you can even add your own. I tried to be flexible enough for most types of exercises.

The food log allows you to enter items and calculates a daily running total based off each item's serving size. As you use the app you quickly build up an 'Existing Food' list where you only have to select the serving size. Once you add something, you never have to re-add it allowing you to easily log something fast.

The front Stat screen lets you keep check of what your last measurements were, if you care, or what your current macro totals are.

Bonus items under Tools are 5 pre-populated programs that auto-calculate for you, including 5/3/1 among other classic and proven strength programs. We also added in a Crossfit widget (using's WOD) for your homescreen and that you can view in-app as well, for those times when you want to change it up or if you want to do crossfit on your own and want a quick reference without having to copy a WOD off a site every day.

The app is setup to make use of Google's auto backup, so your workout & foodlog database should backup when you upgrade your device, but please note this is dependent on Google making good and not the app itself.

Please note that this is an app I built for myself and focused on the Nexus devices I have and am putting out there to help others and maybe be able to make enough to buy my next protein powder with or maybe pay a month's gym fee. I am by no means making enough to actively support this project, but can and will add additional features if I get 5000+ downloads. If you run into any trouble please include screenshots and Ill do my best to fix any issues.

This is a basic logging app, no flashy stuff. Please don't 1 Star because you want something more than this is trying to do. English and Imperial only, metric & translations require users that would support the effort. Thanks!

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Training Toolkit
Require Android 5.0 and up
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