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Walksome - gps step counter

tracker, calories, pedometer
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Walksome - gps step counter Description:
Walksome is an automatic pedometer that tracks your daily walks and shows maps, step counts, burned calories estimate, walk distance in miles or kilometers and walk duration.
No need to start/stop activity tracking: Walksome works just like a fitness band and detects continuous walking automatically and logs your walks for you. It's an easy way to reach the 10000 daily steps without having to purchase any carry anything extra besides your phone.
Just go for a walk when you feel like it, or when the moment is right, and Walksome pedometer will count your steps and show you the map of your walk afterwards. As a bonus, it makes it easy to retrace your steps when you are exploring an unknown city. A perfect tool for urban hiking!
Walksome doesn't require any sign-ups and keeps all walk data locally.
Battery-intensive location tracking is only turned on while you are walking. While continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, with Walksome there’s little worry about that, because you’d have to walk *a lot* for that to become an issue.
Step count and walk distance metering are based on your device's pedometer and GPS units. Burned calories estimate is based on the walk distance and your weight. The accuracy may vary significantly depending on how well your phone can sense movement and how good GPS signal reception is. For example, step counting tends to work better when the phone is in a pocket, rather than in a backpack.
This app requires your phone to be compatible with Google Fit services.

Walksome - gps step counter screenshot for Android
Walksome - gps step counter screenshot for Android
Walksome - gps step counter screenshot for Android
Walksome - gps step counter Require:
Require Android 5.0 and up
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