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Wholesome App Description:
People in the world are more health conscious today. Wholesome is a complete package of various health calculators, intakes, diary, charts etc... which helps you to keep tracking your body health.
Application contains combination of 10 different health calculators which are based on standard medical formulas and provide accurate results. Application also contains wide range of activities to measure the calories burned and wide range for calories intakes with the food dishes / vegetables / fruits from different countries.
Here are the features included:
- 10 different Health Calculators
- Calories Intake (Vegetables / Fruits and Food Dishes from different countries)
- Diary (Keeps track of your calories burned and intake regularly)
- Chart (Graphical representation curve for Calories Burned vs Calories Intake for present week)
Health calculators included:
1. Blood Alcohol – Blood Alcohol Content (the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream that is measured) and get the knowledge whether you are intoxicated or not.
2. Calories Burned - The calories burned by doing your favorite activities. Application contains wide range (200+) of activities.
3. Body Fat US Navy - Measurement of body fat based US Navy standard formulas.
4. Body Fat YMCA - Measurement of body fat based on formulas developed by YMCA.
5. Lean Body Mass – Amount and percentage of weight you carry on your body that isn't fat.
6. Body Mass Index - Body fat based on height and weight.
7. Pregnancy Due Date – Your due date based on last menstrual period.
8. Ovulation Estimator – Know your fertile days and increase the chance of conceiving based on the last menstrual period.
9. Waist to Hip Ratio - A ratio which helps you determine overall health risk and your body shape.
10. Smoking Cost - The amount you are wasting on smoking weekly/monthly/yearly which helps to keep track of your savings.

Future Enhancement:
- Daily useful medical tips integration
- Diet charts integration
Download this application today and share your valuable feedback to improve this app.

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Require Android 4.0.3 and up
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